November 26, 2019


“We Did Not Want An Abortion, We Wanted To Give This Baby A Chance To Fight”: Parents Tell Doctors That Babies With A Disability Can Have “Wonderful” Lives.

Horrendous New [UK] Stats On Repeat Abortions Exposes How “Vulnerable Women Are Abandoned To The Mercy Of Abusive Men”

Jury Rules Against David Daleiden, Undercover Journalists In Federal Planned Parenthood Case by Madeline Osburn – “The jury in a federal civil trial ruled Daleiden and his colleagues at the Center for Medical Progress must pay Planned Parenthood $870,000.”

Denmark Aborts 98% of Babies With Down Syndrome, But Disabled Woman Says “Life is a Gift From God” by Chris Gast

Local News Report Highlights National Media’s Lacking Indiana Abortionist Coverage by Emily Jashinsky


Was Charles Darwin a Christian? by Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Fetal Development

The Nilsson photo—“The Fetus, 18 weeks”—is “one of the 20th century’s great photographs” by Dave Andrusko

Sexual Purity

No, Human Beings Aren’t Happier When We Ditch Monogamy For Polyamory by Elizabeth Pardi – “Monogamy may be a struggle for many couples, but human beings and cultures thrive more in the absence of polyamory.” 

Worldview and Culture

Presidential Candidate Says the Bible Teaches that Life Begins When a Baby Takes a Breath by Gary DeMar

Animal-Rights Fanatic Stabs Woman for Wearing Fur by Wesley J. Smith

Progressives Want to Eviscerate Freedom of Religion by Wesley J. Smith

What I Sent to a Reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Transgender Bathrooms by Gary DeMar

British pro-life activist, mom of 5 denied entry to US after months of online persecution by Dorothy Cummings McLean 

‘Let the baby die’ signs target Ohio family with sick infant by Danielle Wallace

What is American Law? by Jake MacAulay

Video: An Outsider Visits a Lutheran Church by The Ten Minute Bible Hour