November 23, 2016


Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood Is Committing A “Real Genocide” Against Black Americans by Bre Payton – “‘Think about all the stuff they did with Planned Parenthood … That type of stuff is to take our community, and forget gentrification, it’s real genocide, and it’s been like that for years.’”

Teenager Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, She Has No Regrets 7 Years Later by Micaiah Bilger

France bans video of people with Down syndrome smiling


Audio: His Time – Christian Bioethics, “The Fall of Babylon” – Host Jonathan Fisk talks with Dr. Robert Weise


Anorexic Woman Allowed to Starve Herself to Death by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Parents refuse to “allow” their child to die, 20 months later she is thriving and “nonstop on the go” by Dave Andrusko

After dad’s death, daughters save family farm by Boyd Huppert – (Lamberton is my hometown.)

Fetal Development

Ultrasound 2.0? Parents Could Watch Their Unborn Baby Grow in 3D on New Virtual Reality Devices by Erin Parfet

Movies – Television – Video

Video: Powerful Speech From Dragnet Still Rings True Today

Worldview and Culture

Talking Turkey at Thanksgiving – Tips for Good Worldview Conversations by John Stonestreet – “Ah, Thanksgiving. Turkey. Stuffing. Football. …and that dreaded dinner discussion. Here are some tips to not only get through it but maybe even make a difference. العاب مقابل المال

7 Ways To Take Power Plays Out Of Family Conversations Over The Holidays by Joy Pullman – “Instead of trying to evangelize others to our politics, let’s give them the respect of a fair hearing. That alone can restore the relationships upon which our republic depends.”

Post-Truth, the Word of the Year – Feelings Have Replaced Facts by John Stonestreet – “Is our culture losing touch with reality? The folks who pick the official ‘word of the year’ think so.

Bob Dylan and the Great Poetry Hoax by Joshua Gelernter