November 18, 2013


Pro-Choice Organization Compares Abortion to … Getting Your Tonsils Out by Cortney O’Brien

MSNBC Guest: Abortionists Are “Doing Wonderful, Important Work” by Greg Hengler

The Gift of Life by Kathryn Jean Lopez – “Replacing a culture of self-centeredness with one of joy and expectancy.”

Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Theater by Mollie Hemingway

Why China’s One Child Policy Hasn’t Really Changed by Gracy Olmstead

Angry Pro-Abortion Student Trashes Pro-Life Display, Then Helps Put It Back Up by Lauren Enriquez

“Every Child a Wanted Child?” Deconstructing the False Argument for Abortion by Mary Spaulding Balch, JD and Olivia Gans Turner


I’m Angry by Kelly Ensslin

Why Is Guatemala Blocking Americans From Adopting Its Orphans? by Napp Nazworth

Adoption: How God Restores by Kathleen Patterson


Scientific Fact: Human Life Begins at Conception, or Fertilization by Steven Ertelt


“Death Panels” Are Euthanizing Patients Every Day as Doctors Make Treatment Decisions by Bobby Schindler

Imagine Pain Knowing of Own Dehydration! by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Audio (Issues Etc.): Sex Education and Your Children – Dr. Gary Zieroth

Christian Leaders Combat Epidemic of Fatherless Families With “Father-Shift” Movement by Alex Murashko

Mom Gives Birth to Three Premature Babies in 28 Months, All Survive by Steven Ertelt

Nurse Behind Special Bath Talks About Viral Video: “Twins Were Born But Haven’t Realized It Yet” by Steven Ertelt

5 population stories you don’t usually hear … by Marcus Roberts