May 25, 2016


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Worldview and Culture

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The Fallen Away by Abbot Tryphon – “Witnessing to your fallen away relatives and friends”

We all know people, be they friends or family members, who have fallen away from the faith, or who have never had a faith to begin with. As a priest I have witnessed many individuals whose faith was an important element in their life, but who at some point in time, gave themselves over to unbelief. In most cases I can say that those who lost their faith did so because they put very little into their faith to begin with. Faith, you see, is like playing beautiful music on a violin. You can have the most expensive violin, but if you don’t put time and energy into playing the violin, the instrument will be of no use to you, and it will simply collect dust.

Faith must be nourished and sustained, if it is to be a transformational aspect of your life. If God is to be real to you, your relationship with God must be a focus of your everyday living. Like your relationship with your spouse, or your best friend, a relationship with God can not exist if you put nothing into it. A friendship with even your best friend will die if you never call them, or invite them to join you for dinner and a movie. Even regular church attendance will ultimately not sustain your faith, if the only time you pray is on a Sunday morning. If faith means nothing to you, beyond asking for favors from God, love of God will not grow, and you will find yourself facing trials and hardships without courage and strength.

If you desire to inspire your friends and loved ones to faith, they must see in you something they want. If your faith is nothing but a religion, they will find every reason to remain in a nihilistic state of being, faith will evade them, and they will be left without hope.

And finally, you need to keep praying for your family members, all the while giving them a good example of your faith, in how you love, how you are quick to forgive, and how you do not judge. Then they will see the transformational side of true faith, and they will see the Light of Christ in you. Then they will want what you have.