May 16, 2017


Are Abortion Reversals Science Or Scam? by Margot Cleveland – “Hundreds of children may owe their lives to a promising new medical protocol called abortion reversal, which may increase in demand due to the new ten-week abortion pill.”

Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem: More Abortions Would Stop Global Warming by Bre Payton


What Being Adopted Has Taught Me by Nathan Grime

Video: Boy Asks Step-Dad To Adopt Him And Everyone Cries


“Nature” Says Stop the “Anti-Science” Slur by Wesley J. Smith

Protect Medical Conscience by Wesley J. Smith


Dad and daughter dynamics by Helena Adeloju – “Some tips from the father of four girls.”

Family Living

“Open Marriage” Is Just Another Term For Adultery, And Just As Selfish by Jessica Burke – “Calling sexual relationships outside of marriage ‘open,’ even when both spouses agree on it, is just another way to try to disguise the truth.”

This Is How the Elite Poisons Our Culture by David French – “The New York Times Magazine takes an open-minded view of open marriage.”

Free Range Parents Are Scapegoats For Parents Scared They Aren’t God by Cara Valle

Worldview and Culture

France and Down Syndrome – The French Government Should Learn from Charles DeGaulle by Eric Metaxas & Roberto Rivera – “One of the great men of French history had a daughter with a disability. His faith saw him—and her—through.”

Kentucky Court Rules Company Doesn’t Have To Print Words Contradicting Christian Owner’s Convictions by Nicole Russell – “The attorney who argued this case says the decision ‘reassures us all that, no matter what you believe, the law can’t force you to express a message in conflict with your deepest convictions.’”

Today’s Futurists Resort To Ancient Paganism To Explain Away Christianity by Michael Morris – “With this shift of science as the choice religion for the theologically uneducated comes a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the development of myth.”