June 4, 2018


Selectively Aborting Down Syndrome Babies Is An Absolute Moral Depravity by David Marcus – “Kids with Down Syndrome are not a burden to society, they are a blessing.”

5 Sad Predictions For Ireland In The Wake Of Its New Abortion Laws by Nicole Russell – “This act will now trickle down to other kinds of demoralizing laws, and Ireland will soon discover, like the United States did long ago, it’s very hard to go back.”

Irish Government Pushing to Legalize Abortions on Babies Who Have Down Syndrome by Micaiah Bilger

In Case You Still Believed Planned Parenthood Cared About Women … by Peter Heck

Father’s Day, Men, and Abortion – “Editor’s note. Father’s Day is not until June 17 … For many men who have been a party to an abortion, Father’s Day will be a grim reminder of obligations shirked and lives lost.”


The Downsides of “Right to Try” by Wesley J. Smith – “A lot of people are cheering the new ‘right to try’ law enacted recently, that permits terminally ill people access to experimental drugs not yet approved by the FDA. I get it. All in all, it is probably a good law to have passed, but I am not an enthusiast.”

New York Judge Supports “Personhood” for Chimpanzees by Wesley J. Smith


Angels Unawares by Abbot Tryphon – Something to think about.

The Thrill is Gone by Pastor Mark Jeske


Most Americans support some form of the “right to die”: Gallup poll by Michael Cook

Is euthanasia the next step for Ireland after abortion? by Michael Cook

Elizabeth Elliot: How to Face the Death of Someone You Love

Family Living

Of boys and toys by Leonard Sax – “Should a good parent give a boy a doll when he asks for a lightsaber?”


A Father’s Day Prayer for Churches by Michael Anderson

Sexual Purity

Called Out at Home – Breaking the Rules Ruins a Glorious Game by James M. Kushiner – “An organized ball game is to faux-play baseball what marital sex is to sex as it is currently being promoted. Sexual activity severed from both marriage and family formation is like baseball activity without a real game in view: the physical sensations may be the same, but they lack purpose other than a quick feel-good. It’s the difference between the meaning of a hook-up or one-night stand and the meaning of intercourse between a chaste man and wife who are deeply in love and open to having a family. One is merely orgasmic, the other romantic and marital. One is recreational, the other pro-creational.”

Worldview and Culture

Is this what the denial of unconditional love for both really means? by Michael Kirke – “To be a Christian in Ireland will, for many, have the taste of exile about it.”

Ireland not having enough babies to replace population, says report

Dreams And Convictions: The Last Stand of Jaelene Hinkle by Jay Sanders

Speak Life: Ensuring Our Words Match Our Beliefs by Stacia McKeever

Here is Why Patricia Heaton is a National Treasure by Peter Heck