June 22, 2017


Court Suspends 14 Of 15 Charges Against Planned Parenthood Human Trafficking Whistleblowers by The Federalist Staff


Netherlander Euthanasia Guru Bemoans His Handiwork by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Why You Should Consider Foster Care If You’re Infertile by Brittany Cover – “Infertile couples are desperately wanting and waiting for children. Foster children are children desperately wanting and waiting for parents this very moment.”


Audio: An Issues, Etc. Interview – Fatherhood – Pr. Jeff Hemmer, author, “Man Up! The Quest for Masculinity”

Fetal Development

Premature Baby Born at 24 Weeks Weighed Just 1 Pound, But Now He’s Thriving by Micaiah Bilger


Are Senate Republicans Going Soft On Obamacare’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortions? by Christopher Jacobs – “If the Senate’s Obamacare replacement includes strict pro-life protections, why are Senate staff suddenly contradicting Mitch McConnell’s claims about tax-funded abortion?”

Worldview and Culture

The Hardest Place for Us to Take Our Special Needs Child? Our Church by Jesi Smith

Girl with Down syndrome named “mayor” of her parish, welcomes everyone to church by Dorothy Cummings McLean

Mom Ticketed For Neglect After Calling Police To Help Free Toddler Locked in Car by Mary Katherine Ham – “Let’s give parents in scary moments a bit of grace. This is a difference of opinion and approach, not a criminal matter.”

The need to abolish the whole Molech industry by Dr. Joel McDurmon