June 20, 2016


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The following is an assisted suicide legislative update from Barbara Lyons of the Patients Rights Action Fund

As legislative sessions are closing down, more bills to legalize assisted suicide are now dead.

New York
The biggest battle was in New York, the state targeted by Compassion and Choices to put into the win column. On May 23, the Assembly Health Committee pulled a sneaky move by scheduling a vote on the assisted suicide bill off the floor at an unspecified time and location and without a public hearing. The bill passed by a 14-11 vote and moved to the Codes Committee. Major thanks goes to the New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide which worked aggressively to garner enough support to keep the bill bottled up in this committee and the bill died when the legislative session ended on June 16.

There will be a hearing in July before a committee that is “studying” the assisted suicide issue.

States that Have Defeated
The states that have defeated measures in 2016 are: New Jersey, Iowa, Colorado (bill), Colorado (ballot Initiative), Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alaska, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Hampshire (study committee bill), Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Kansas.

States Where 2016 Bills are Still Pending
Bills are still pending in: Delaware (study committee), Massachusetts, New Jersey, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania. It looks as though the new Colorado ballot initiative will be on the 2016 November ballot if C & C can gather enough signatures.

States Targeted in 2017
States that C & C is gearing up for in 2017 are: Maine, Nevada, Utah, New York, Delaware, Iowa and Hawaii. Other states are certain to be added to this list.

American Medical Association
In an ominous move, the American Medical Association voted last week to “study” its longstanding position in opposition to assisted suicide. The AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs will conduct the study and bring recommendations to the full body at its annual meeting in 2017. Even if the AMA goes “neutral,” it is a green light for states to legalize. Please watch for instructions from the Patients Rights Action Fund on how we can collectively defeat this move.

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