July 17, 2018


Abortion Destroys Everything by Ann McElhinney

Abortion, Bias, and Babies with Down Syndrome – Good Argument, But We Can Do Better by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “A pro-choice doctor just made a case for not aborting children with Down syndrome. But his case needs to be better.”

The Rise of the Abortion Cheerleaders by Heather Wilhelm

Comedian Michelle Wolf Gets the Abortion Debate Entirely Wrong by Liz Wolfe

Why PPFA would never want the Black Abortion Rate explained by Dave Andrusko

“I’m really not sorry”: Mum of ‘one in a million’ twin with Down’s syndrome

Crisis Pregnancy

When a Friend Is Considering Abortion


A Word for Death by Jill Carattini 

Advocates against Assisted Suicide Show That Love Endures and Gives Life by Kathryn Jean Lopez – “A man demonstrates remarkable courage in the face of death — and his wife in the wake of it.”

Fetal Development

Director of Neurobiology on life beginning at conception by Sarah Terzo


Many Women Are Already Serving Life Because Of Abortion, And Overturning Roe Won’t Change That by Theresa Bonopartis – “Ilyse Hogue recently claimed President Trump ‘is going to put someone on the court who will be the fifth vote to criminalize abortion, punish women and throw them in jail.’”

After Roe v. Wade: What Could Happen by Bradley Mattes

Worldview and Culture

Van Meter Preschooler Writes His Own Obituary Before Dying of Rare Cancer

Video: What Does It Mean for Jesus to Be Affirming? by Greg Koukl

Video: Who Did Jesus Think He Was?

The Thai Rescue: A Light Through the Gloom by Amy Davis – “Humans the world over pulled together for the Wild Boars. We should preserve that spirit of cooperation.”

Americans Quit Church but Still Search for Meaning, Now as Loners by Clay Routledge – “Traditional religion has social value. The individualistic quest for spirituality tends to leave the seeker isolated.”

Video: An Apologetics and Worldview Seminar