February 20, 2018


Abortion is not health care: why the abortion Industry embraces scientifically absurd euphemisms by Paul Stark

Abortionist on Pro-Life Christians: “Their Mere Existence is a Crime Against Women” by Liberty Counsel

Why Aborted Babies’ Bodies Deserve Respect Even If They Aren’t Considered Persons by Kevin LeRoy – “Planned Parenthood claims a law requiring them not to throw aborted fetuses in the trash is bad because unborn children are not persons, so their remains are not the remains of persons.”

Sexual Purity

Despite Leftist Outcry, Americans Don’t Want Federally Funded Pornographic Sex Ed by Kelly Marcum – “President Trump’s budget proposes increased funding for sexual risk avoidance education in addition to cutting ineffective programs. Left-wing groups are succumbing to histrionics.”

Worldview and Culture

How Ash Wednesday Answers Our Grief At The Parkland Murders by Jonathan Lange – “The universal hatred of human death is a unifying force. Let’s not use it to divide. Instead, let’s take some time to rejoice in common ground.”

Massacre on Ash Wednesday? Now, Orthodox believers shot leaving Forgiveness Vespers by Terry Mattingly

A New Gerber Baby – An Image Bearer with Down Syndrome by John Stonestreet & Stan Guthrie – “An adorable boy with Down syndrome was selected as this year’s Gerber baby. That’s great news. But remember, he’s not valuable because he’s cute!”

Amazing professor shows support for women, mothers on college campus by Nancy Flanders

Parents Lose Their Child By Court Order Because of Transgenderism by Erick Erickson

Ohio Judge Strips Custody From Parents For Not Letting Daughter Taking Trans Hormones by Nicole Russell – “This is a major setback for advocates of parental rights and religious freedom.”

Why Don’t We Care About the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians? by Michael Brown