December 7, 2015


10 reasons not to have an abortion by Kristi Burton Brown

Abortion Is The New Three-Fifths Compromise by Veronica Lark – “Just as enslaved African-Americans were not valued as full persons, neither are the unborn children Planned Parenthood abortionists kill.”

Planned Parenthood founder’s grandson supports abortion but concedes points to pro-lifers by Sarah Terzo


Parents Surprise Foster Kid With Adoption News In Family Court by Emerald Pellot

Couple adopts eight siblings to keep them together by Nancy Flanders

After Adopting Six Children, This Couple Opened an Adoption Agency Next to Planned Parenthood by Josh Shepherd

5 Things Foster Parents Wish You Knew

Family Living

Video: A Family Heard Their Father Died. When They Came Home, They Were Shocked to Tears

Sexual Purity

Germs of Promiscuity Sexually Transmitted Infections by Marcia Segelstein

Worldview and Culture

Go and Do Likewise by Steve Deace

Why We Neglect Our Bibles by Tony Reinke

God Responds To The New York Daily News by Sean Davis – “‘Brace yourself like a man,’ the Lord said. ‘I will question you. And you will answer me.'”

Putting St. Nicholas Back in Christmas by Dr. Gene Edward Veith

Praying During Times of Tragedy by Rev. Paul Fries