December 27, 2012

Scripture for Today

An Adoption Law Only King Herod Would Sign by Victor Davidoff – The title is completely accurate.

Putin Says He Will Sign Law Barring U.S. Adoptions – Words fail me on how awful, terrible, and evil this decision is. 

Obama’s hypocrisy on caring for children defies belief by John Smeaton

Fictional Abortion History by Justin Dyer – “Historians sought to preserve ‘the guise of impartial scholarship’ while advancing ideological goals.”

The Future is Now – Whole-Genome Sequencing by John Stonestreet – “Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and films like ‘Gattaca’ painted a grim, futuristic world where science empties humanity of its humanity. But what if the future is now?”

The Media and the Massacre by Andy Crouch – “True compassion requires turning off the news.” 

What Christians Can Learn from the Failed Mayan Apocalypse by Russell D. Moore

An Elite That Still Reject Him by J.T. Young – “Tolerating Jesus only if he’s not the Son of God.”