December 16, 2016


An Obama Claus Stocking Stuffer for Planned Parenthood by Nate Jackson

This is the baby that Star Wars star Mark Hamill wanted dead by Claire Chretien

Actress In Disney’s “Moana” Speaks Out About Abortion: “I Want To Encourage Everybody To Keep Your Babies” by Bre Payton – “‘My mum got pregnant with me when she was 17 and had me when she was 18. She chose. . . I just want to, you know, encourage everybody to keep your babies.’”


Society for the Protection of Unborn Children condemns HFEA approval of three-parent babies


Biblical Morality by Abbot Tryphon

Family Living

Audio: Faith’n’Family – Coping with the Holiday Blues with host Andy Bates

Fetal Development

Conjoined Twins Doing Great After Surviving 17-Hour Separation Surgery by Micaiah Bilger


Salvation History in One Hymn – O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Eric Metaxas – “One of the best summations of God’s promises to Israel and mankind is as close as your nearest hymnal.”

Can Progressives Stop Making My Christmas Traditions Political? by Nicole Russell – “My mom went to see George Frideric Handel’s ‘Messiah,’ and the maestro went off on an anti-Trump rant. Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Worldview and Culture

Eyes of Life – Jennifer – “Human trafficking. Prostitution. An absent mother. An unborn child. For many, it would be too much. But for this child of God, it’s really just the beginning. can you buy ivermectin over the counter in australia

Christmas is not for Christians by Campbell Markham – “Even if the French Council of State thinks it is.”

If You Want Fewer Stupid Politicians And Voters, Promote Good Reading by Mark A. Signorelli – “Americans often bemoan the diminished condition of our political discourse without recognizing the role that a general decline in literacy is playing in that diminishment. how much ivermectin for humans covid

The Main Ingredient for Church Growth by Tim Barnett