December 15, 2016


Veto Guarantees More Heartbeats Will Stop by Bradley Mattes

Obama Just Gave Unborn Babies The Middle Finger On His Way Out The Door by Bre Payton

If George Stephanopoulos’s Daughter Wants An Abortion, Can I Have Her Baby? by Joy Pullman – “George Stephanopoulos’s wife Ali Wentworth said their 14-year-old daughter reacted to Donald Trump’s win by ‘screaming ‘no abortions’ really loudly.'”

NPR: A Baby’s Heartbeat Is Just “Sounds From The Fetus’” by Bre Payton

Report: Abortion Industry Routinely Offers Women Grisly, Unsanitary Facilities by Deanna Wallace – “‘Unsafe’ features a detailed analysis of hundreds of reports from state health inspectors, showing that abortion clinics have been routinely cited for risking women’s health and safety.”

Planned Parenthood Gets Criminal Referral

“Moana” Disney Star Could Have Been Aborted, Says “Keep Your Babies” by Katie Yoder


Leap of Faith: When are You Too Old to Adopt?

Who Needs Retirement? by Pat and Bunny Suiter

The Christmas Gift – A short story by Kirk Walden – “Though the date was December 14, Rick Shannon was not in a Christmas mood. Carols were playing on his car radio, but as he sat in traffic watching snow shower his car, Rick could only think of the reasons why he could not sing along this particular Christmas …”


Artificial Gestation Unethical Human Experimentation by Wesley J. Smith


Canadian Govt Eyes Expanding Euthanasia by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Twelve Days of Christmas, pro-life family-style by Dustin Siggins

Movies – Television – Video

Potterville Nation – Anthony Esolen on the Wonderful Life Most Think Impoverished

Worldview and Culture

Currently Turned Against Pro-Lifers, French Totalitarian Impulse Can Easily Jump Oceans by David Klinghoffer