August 13, 2019


Florida Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of A 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period by Nicole Russell – “Last week, a Florida appeals court reversed a ruling that declared a 24-hour waiting period for abortion unconstitutional. Will Florida be the 35th state to require a 24-hour waiting period?”

Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Instruction Teens How to Hide Abortions From Their Parents by Micaiah Bilger


U.S. Forces Parents Away From Adopted Children For As Long As Two Years by Jayme Metzgar

After the Abortion

Abortion’s Silent Victim by Bradley Mattes


Video: How Science Proves We’re Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Tim Barnett

Family Living

We Killed God, Family, And Community — And Now It’s Killing Us by Thane Bellomo – “We have discarded social institutions that have helped people understand their value and place in the world for thousands of years. And their decline is not just mirrored in the rise of mass shootings. ivermectin drops 1% for fleas

Fetal Development

Video: Is a Fetal Human Being a Person? by Amy K. Hall

Worldview and Culture

Awesome Pampers Commercial: “Every Baby is a Little Miracle to Celebrate, Support and Protect” by Dave Andrusko

When This One Thing Is Gone, It’s All Over by Gary DeMar