April 11, 2019

Unplanned – The Movie – Perspectives from Lutherans For Life


China Genetically Engineering Monkeys to be More Human by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Father And Son With Down Syndrome Share Tearful Reunion At Airport


How the West Can Save Masculinity by Paul Brian – “If we want fewer racists and incels, we need to build a society where men can once again flourish.”


Assisted suicide “the measure of a desperately cold, soulless society” say Scottish politicians


Video: Country Superstars Join Loretta Lynn To Sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

Movies – Television – Video

“Unplanned” Movie Stays in Top 10 With Surprisingly Strong 2nd Week at Box Office by Steven Ertelt

Unplanned: A Reflection from the Other Side by Heather Ruesch

“Unplanned” The Book Reveals Women Who Abort Are Not All Duped by Georgi Boorman – “Abby Johnson’s eight years of experience working for Planned Parenthood offer valuable insight into the diversity of women who get abortions.”

White House Will Host Screening of “Gosnell” Movie Exposing the Horrors of Abortion by Micaiah Bilger

Sexual Purity

Why the Left Keeps Contradicting Itself About What Kind Of Sex Is “Natural” by Adam Ellwanger – “The left is simple: When nature is a barrier to total sexual gratification, then it is an obstacle to be conquered. But when nature enables gratification, then it must be sanctified and obeyed. سباق الخيل

Worldview and Culture

Christianity Answers Barbara Bush’s Questions About When Life Begins by Holly Scheer – “It is clear that Barbara Bush formed her feelings about abortion with little knowledge about what the Bible says about the soul.”

5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading toward Progressive Christianity by Alisa Childers