May 25, 2022

LifeDate Summer 2022

by Michelle Bauman, Director of Y4Life

Y4Life had a BUSY, life-affirming spring! We started with the Y4Life Summit in late February. The retreat brought together more than 40 college and high school youth who traveled from Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, and Texas. Our very first Y4Life Summit included five educational sessions, a service project, and closing worship—it was a fantastic weekend!

After the Summit was over, our team jumped into the Y4Life High School Leadership Retreat in Canton, Michigan. Students from Ohio received training in how to start and maintain a Y4Life Team and participated in team building and memory-making. Though cold and rainy outside in early March, the warmth and camaraderie inside was inspirational.

In mid-March, Y4Life headed south to exhibit at LEA in Orlando. The gathering of Lutheran administrators offered opportunities to share Y4Life resources and connect with principals who are interested in starting a team at their school. The following weekend, in Plano, Texas, Faith Lutheran Church and School welcomed Y4Life for an Owen’s Mission presentation and a From Fertilization to Forever Conference for youth and adults. The weekend was filled with opportunities to learn how to uphold life.

In early April, the Y4Life College Leadership Retreat took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Concordias 4 Life made plans for the coming year, and each individual Concordia in attendance mapped out their goals and life-affirming opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year. We worked hard so we could play hard. It was a weekend full of life-affirming fellowship.

After Easter, a second Y4Life High School Leadership Retreat took place—this time in Branson, Missouri. The Leaders 4 Life from Oklahoma are already engaging in life-affirming opportunities in their community. It’s clear they are going to do great things!

God blessed Y4Life with so many amazing opportunities this spring, and He’s sure to continue blessing as we attend conferences and youth gatherings this summer. Thanks for your continued support of Y4Life. Today’s youth are being prepared to make a Gospel-motivated difference in the lives of many!