December 1, 2021

by Pastor Michael Salemink

Thank you for keeping our supply chain running!

Your generosity continues to sustain our heart-changing, life-saving ministry. Together we reach hundreds of thousands with the joy and the hope of the sanctity of every human life. Your fellowship and support encourage us and those whom we serve to receive our neighbors as gifts and treat them as privileges. In an increasingly conflicted culture, you make our Gospel-motivated voices For Life stand out.

You deserve to rejoice with us over this year. Can you see how your years of faithfulness are turning the national tide? Many churches are speaking God’s truth more courageously. Communities are showing Christ’s love more compassionately. Even legislative assemblies are more consistently resisting abortion and physician-assisted suicide. That’s why, as we applaud one effective year and prepare for another, your financial partnership has never been more important. Our Heavenly Father has not failed yet to provide for this work, and He provides precisely through your unselfishness. In 2021 alone you’ve made these successes (among numerous others!) possible:

  • Lutherans For Life’s first-ever (annual!) “Life Week,” seven days of education, activities, and resources connecting advocates and volunteers nationwide leading up to Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 23, 2022)
  • The launch of the (free!) LFL smartphone app on Apple and Android platforms, with events information, video series, podcasts, social networking, secure donation, audio Bible, and more
  • From a Word of Hope caller: “Recently I gave the hotline number [888-217-8679] to a family member who was considering abortion. Since then, she has decided to keep the baby! She struggles with mental health, and this pregnancy scared her into crisis. She is married. They had their first child at 16, and the second also came as a surprise. We are praising God that [she] has chosen to preserve the life of the child!”

And what can you look forward to doing with us in 2022?

  • Dual conferences (youth track and adult track!) in Washington, D.C., as we gather Lutherans together to celebrate at the national March for Life (January 21, 2022)
  • Visiting as many as we can of the 35 LCMS triennial district conventions, 21 NALC regional and district conferences, and 10 LCMC gatherings to connect with pastors and congregations about life issues (along with engaging 25,000 youth and chaperones at the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Houston, a NALC national pastors’ conference, a LCMC international assembly, and the CLBA biennial convention!)
  • Second annual “Step Up 4 Life” virtual walk and physical activity competition uniting participants across the country to raise awareness about LFL’s mission and message

I cannot thank you enough for your involvement and offerings. You make Lutherans For Life a labor of love!

Please prayerfully consider your most generous year-end gift and make it today. You can send it by check, using the attached form, or click the DONATE button  on this page and give securely online, or call our office at 888.364.LIFE (5433), and we’ll help you give over the phone.

Together, we will reach our goal of $250,000 by December 31.

In addition to your contribution, please join me in praying for our Lord’s grace and guidance as we equip Lutherans and their neighbors to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life!

A gift to LFL today not only makes your heart glad celebrating the blessings of life God bestows in His Son Jesus Christ, but it also serves as the perfect present to everyone around you!