May 12, 2011

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This edition of LifeDate focuses on the theme “Adopted in Christ” and the 2011 LFL National Conference. Here’s a complete list of articles:

Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb
God Only Adopts Sons

Linda Bartlett: Called by Name
Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb: Christ and Adoption
Kay L. Meyer: The Blessings of Adoption
Russ Krube: Able to be Adopted
Chuck Colson: Horror of Abortion – What We Can’t Not Know

Family Living
Linda D. Bartlett: Ezer Meets Agnostic: A True Story
Rev. John Henderson: Father’s Day

Lutherans For Life Resources

Rev. Richard Mau: When the Going Gets Tough

World News

Spotlight on Lutherans For Life
Adopted in Christ – LFL Conference
Jim Schroeder: Making the Best Gift to LFL
Jerilyn Richard: Be an Ambassador For Life
LFL’s Speakers Bureau

Just For Kids

Life Thoughts in the Church Year

Diane E. Schroeder
God’s Gift of Adoption