December 15, 2014

“Our futures are unknown to us (thankfully), but they are not unknown to God. He is all-knowing; He is sovereign. God, through Christ, experienced the supreme suffering in human form when He took it upon Himself to accept the sin of us all through His death on the cross. Because He knows what it’s like to suffer, He can empathize with us in our suffering. Not only can He empathize with us, but God promises to one day relieve us of our suffering.” Beth Schaible, former Lutherans For Life national board member

“The Father of Life says, ‘Choose Life. Your worth is not determined by what you can no longer do, but rather by how much you are worth in My sight. I have sent My Son for you.’ … The worth of life to the true God of Life is greater than can be measured by human standards and is seen distinctly on a cross and in an empty tomb. Each of us is reminded by the Word of the true God of Life, ‘My times are in your hand’ (Psalm 31:15a).” Pastor Paul Sajban, The Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Windom, Minnesota

“We don’t need to take charge of death; Christ has given us the victory over it. In facing death, whether our own or another’s, the only real and lasting comfort is in our relationship with God in Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ we come into the presence of God in the midst of all of this world’s threats and fears knowing that although, ‘in Adam, all die! … in Christ, shall all be made alive!’” Rev. Dr. Richard Eyer, director emeritus, Concordia Bioethics Institute

“As long as God gives life, then God is at work giving life meaning and purpose. As long as God gives life, life has value and it is ‘more necessary’ to keep on living.” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life