July 3, 2019

Order the How You Can “Speak” booklet

The Lord be with you, Gospel-motivated voice!

Did you know that Lutherans For Life speaks hope and joy in more than one language? We share truth AND we show love. We declare the Heavenly Father’s truth in courageous conversations, and we also demonstrate our Savior’s love with acts of compassion. The sanctity of life sounds magnificent in dozens of different dialects and accents! So you can organize events and recruit volunteers—or something else. You can sidewalk counsel outside the clinic—but you don’t have to. You may talk politics and contact lawmakers—but there are other ways as well.

Maybe the Lord God is inviting you to another approach. Our message means more than memorizing arguments, mounting soapboxes, listing statistics, reciting textbooks, and having answers. (Although each of these methods has its own useful place!) Telling how God creates, redeems, and calls each member of our race as His own precious treasure forever—no matter what age, appearance, or ability—takes all kinds of approaches and methods.

Gratitude, not guilt, motivates our Gospel voices. Excitement inspires us, not anxiety. We rejoice that you have unique vocations. Our Almighty Maker has given you distinct skills, experiences, and interests. He places you in relationships and roles that suit you better than any other. He makes you a missionary wherever you may go and in whatever you like to do.

This booklet offers examples accumulated over forty years from all fifty states. Since 1979, we’ve listened to suggestions and learned from mistakes. We’ve brainstormed, we’ve observed, we’ve undertaken, we’ve refined. And we’ve identified a variety of effective—and enjoyable!—opportunities to proclaim the sanctity of all human life. In these pages, you’ll find ideas for finding and lending your voice in the church and through worship, with children and families, encouraging others and advocating throughout communities, making displays, raising funds, reaching legislators, and much more.

As you do, rest assured you are planting seeds that will change hearts, heal hurts, save lives, serve neighbors, and glorify our good and gracious God!

Rev. Michael W. Salemink
Executive Director, Lutherans For Life