December 9, 2019

It is a serpent’s nature to twist and hide. The devil even does it with the Word of the Lord.

And he succeeds in deceiving, not because of his wealth of wisdom but rather our lack of listening. Satan spits a mist of expert assertions and popular opinions; whips up the dust of social conditions and emotional circumstances; and makes multitudes believe life issues are “complicated,” “political,” and “personal.”

Thanks be to God that wherever the father of lies raises suspicions, the Son of God puts His pierced foot down with promises that lay the foundation upon which we may stand with confidence and fall with comfort.

  • Did God really say His grace in creating, redeeming, and calling makes every human life His precious treasure forever? Yes!

  • Did God really say we need abortion, assisted suicide, and embryo experiments to alleviate our afflictions? No!

  • Did God really say surprise pregnancies bring blessings and terminal diagnoses have righteous purpose? Yes!

  • Did God really say the Gospel of Jesus Christ works joy and hope except amid our sins and sufferings? No!

  • Did God really say His truth and love prevail for unborn and elderly lives as well as well as abortion advocates and euthanasia enthusiasts? Yes!

  • Did God really say speaking His truth and showing His love heal all hearts but the ones that participate in violence against life? No!

  • Did God really say we may receive as a gift and privilege every member of the human race that achieves a certain age, appearance, or ability? No!

  • Did God really say these restrictions and reassurances apply even in political controversies and personal choices? Yes!

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68b).