November 9, 2016

Good government, devout rulers, and faithful leaders—at any level—are always gifts from God. In our nation, elected representatives and public servants serve us as His blessing and on His behalf. One of the primary responsibilities of civil government is respecting and protecting human life. We thank our heavenly Father for a peaceable and lawful voting process yesterday, especially where it has resulted in offices being occupied by advocates for affirming every human being’s God-given value.

We commend all Christians who put their faith and vocation into practice by exercising the precious right to participate in cooperative democracy that is free and fair for everyone.

Please join us in praying for those who make, administer, and judge our laws to reflect the truth, love, and life of our Lord Jesus Christ in their policies and actions until the Savior returns to bring our redemption and resurrection to fulfillment in new creation and everlasting kingdom.