December 11, 2019

Trinity Lutheran High School started a Y4Life Team this fall, and we’re excited to welcome them to the LFL family! They hosted an ice cream social in October to gauge interest in a Y4Life Leadership Team and decide what areas of life ministry they would like to pursue. Here’s what Rev. Joshua Haugen had to say about the event:

“The students at Trinity Lutheran High School in Seymour, Indiana, offered a free ice cream social to rally support for Y4Life. Ice cream is always a great attention grabber for all ages, but this ice cream social presented the students with the opportunity to contemplate very deep life questions and decide which topics the student body of Trinity would like to tackle. We had around 20 students commit to being part of the leadership team, and we had 103 votes for topics to be discussed. can a human take ivermectin paste Not a bad number considering Trinity Lutheran’s student body is around 150! how often per month to take ivermectin? Yes, ice cream is great, but rallying support for life issues is even better. ivermectin rat dosage When we consider Y4Life’s mission is not just to discuss topics among high school students but to also raise up leaders who will truly be salt and light in the world that they are entering into, the ice cream social truly was sweet indeed.”

Thank you to Pastor Haugen and the students of Trinity’s Y4Life Team for engaging and preparing youth to be For Life messengers in their school, community, and world! If you’d like more information about how to start a Y4Life Team at your Lutheran high school, please contact Michelle Bauman, director of Y4Life.