2022 Lutherans For Life National Conference – BLESSED FOR LIFE

  • Blessed with the gift of life.
  • Blessed by God for one’s entire life.
  • Blessed to be a blessing to others.

Lutherans For Life national and regional conferences allow our team to come directly to you with the For Life Gospel message. These gatherings are wonderful times spent together where we can provide valuable information and encouragement to you, your community, and the life-affirming work you are engaged in.

Psalm 41:2: “The Lord protects him and keeps him alive; he is called blessed in the land; you do not give him up to the will of his enemies.”

2022 Lutherans For Life National Conference October 21-22
Rock Island, Illinois (Quad Cities)

Photo Gallery: 2022 Lutherans For Life National Conference

2022 LFL National Conference Booklet (PDF)

Plenary Speakers

Melissa Ohden – Abortion Survivor| Jeanne Mancini – March for Life| Steve Deace – Blaze TV and Radio Host | Pastor Michael Salemink – Lutherans For Life  

Workshop Leaders

Rev. B. Keith Haney | Father Frank Pavone | Rev. Fred Hinz Col. John Eidsmoe | Rev. Dr. Wade Mobley | Deaconess Pam Nielsen Dr. Roni Grad | Dr. Kim Marxhausen | Deaconess Tiffany Manor Dave Probst | Rev. Scott Licht | Michelle Bauman Virginia Flo | Deaconess Chrissie Gillett | Dr. Gregory P. Seltz

Essay Contest Winners

2022 LFL National Essay Contest Winners


Workshop Audio

Father Frank Pavone: Braving Persecution in the Fight for Life

Rev. Keith Haney: Healing Racial Divides in America

Rev. Scott Licht: Ministry to, with, and from People with Disabilities

Dr. Kim Marxhausen: Blessed to Care for the Caregiver

Col. John Eidsmoe: Luther’s Two Kingdoms: A Platform for Civic Engagement

Dr. Roni Grad, MD: Intricately Woven

Rev. Michael Salemink: The Slave Is a Brother: Human Trafficking and the Sanctity of Life

Deaconess Pam Nielsen: The Church’s Care and Our Confession as Death Draws Near

Rev. Fred Hinz: The War of the Worlds: Conveying the Gospel Truth to a Chaotic World

Dave Probst: Born for Blessing!

Michelle Bauman: Instagram, TikTok, and Cancel Culture

Deaconess Chrissie Gillett: Blessed by Life Issues: What was Meant for Evil, God Meant it for Good

Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, PhD: Civic Advocacy

Rev. Dr. Wade Mobley: What We See

Virginia Flo: Engaging Impactful Frontline Life Ministry … Initiate New or Refresh Existing Efforts

Questions? Contact Events Coordinator Erika Peterson | epeterson@lutheransforlife.org