From the 2020 Lutherans For Life Regional Conference in West Fargo, North Dakota.

“My Body, My Life, My Value in Christ: A Discussion on Life and Sexuality” with Heather Ruesch, Life Issues Educator & Author

We are in a battle! If you are a parent, a grandparent, pastor, youth leader, or teacher, you are well aware of the battle being waged against this generation. Let us arm ourselves with knowledge, train ourselves with good teaching, gird our loins with truth, and take up our swords and FIGHT. Fight to change the skin-deep culture surrounding our youth and replace it with the deep, deep love and protection of Jesus Christ. “It’s just sex.” “It’s just a choice.” “It’s just a piece of paper.” These are the lies destroying our families from the inside out. In this session, Heather Ruesch uncovers the lies of Satan and exposes the ways in which he attacks the things on which God has placed the most value in our earthly lives: human life itself, sexuality, marriage, and family. God’s value for human life is the most important issue on the table; everything else radiates out from and comes back to that foundational truth. Satan knows it and God knows it, too.