November 22, 2011

Scripture for Today

Truth Booth – LFL promoted this concept in our Directions newsletter a few years ago. The Truth Booth is a great way to share the message of Life!

CBN on Adoption Scams – Our friends at the Christian Alliance for Orphans say, “CBN … will be running a story on adoption fraud.  It is a sad and exceptional story, but families considering adoption would do well to be aware of the danger—particularly if they are considering an adoption agency that isn’t a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans or otherwise affirmed by a trustworthy third party.”

Let God Be True – A good devotion on Romans 3:3-4 by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

Abby Johnson: New Ministry Helps Abortion Clinic Workers Quit

180 Movie Saves Life of Unborn Baby From Planned Abortion

Prince Edward Island will remain abortion free says provincial health critic

Misconceptions about a new vein of comedy – Damian Adams, who was donor-conceived, says, “not knowing your biological father is hardly a fit topics for Hollywood slapstick.”

Leaving something to the children – G. Tracy Mehan III says, “In an ageing society, the question of inheritance is complex. Cultural factors count.”

Family Tensions and the Holidays – Dr. Russell Moore shares some Biblical wisdom about dealing with the upcoming holidays. (As has been mentioned many times, Dr. Moore was the keynote speaker at the national Lutherans For Life conference this past summer. He message really is worth hearing. Check it out here.)