December 3, 2011

Scripture for Today

When does human life begin? – This short article covers it well.

Planned Parenthood: Husband Not Allowed in Abortion Counseling

NYPD: Manhattan Woman Charged With Performing Self-Abortion

Jesus has AIDS – A very thought-provoking article from Dr. Russell D. Moore.

Heads in the sand over AIDS – Carolyn Monihan asks, “How many more lives, how many billions of dollars, will be sacrificed to western sexual ideology?”

Cohabitation and Marriage: Not Equal Alternatives – Studies Continue Confirming the Need to Strengthen Families

Action Alert: Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (from the Family Research Council)

My Perfect Daughter – What God taught me through my daughter’s disability – By Amy Julia Becker.

CitizenLink Report (video): White House Panels Discuss Adoption 

Completed Lives: A Dutch Explanation (about euthanasia)

News to Note for December 3, 2011 (from Answers in Genesis)

TLC’s “Virgin Diaries”: Ridiculing or Celebrating Celibacy?

Tough, loving, health-care professionals need support

Congregation Struggles to Learn New Mission Statement – A little humor for a Monday.

Dare to Read Like a Lutheran Program – From our friends at Concordia Publishing House. CPH has been producing a wealth of wonderful books, the last few years in particular. Check out the “essential” book selection. These are wonderful resources for Lutherans, of couse, but also for any Christian. 

Guys: Man Up and Be Lutheran! (What to Get a Guy for Christmas)

Homeless Boy Steals Talent Show – This is a very inspiring story from Korea.

From Cyberbrethren: Why unbelief is foolish – St. Hilary of Poitiers (c. AD 315-67): “All unbelief is foolishness, for it takes such wisdom as its own finite perception can attain, and measuring infinity by that petty scale, concludes that what it cannot understand must be impossible. Unbelief is the result of incapacity engaged in argument.”  De Trinitate, III.24, cited in Douglas Kelly, Systematic Theology, vol. 1, p. 19.