September 5, 2017


Iceland Capital’s Only Baptist Pastor Doesn’t Want Down Syndrome Eliminated by Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson – “Pro-life minority faces major challenge in ‘most godless country’ in Europe.”

Born with 80 percent of his brain missing, Jaxon is still amazing doctors as he turns 3 by Nancy Flanders

“Very, very tiny infant” dies in hospital after vulnerable mother attempts illegal abortion 

The Pro-Choice Movement Should Denounce Forced Abortion by Alexandra Desanctis

Pro-Lifers Aren’t “Forcing” Women to Stay Pregnant by Timothy Brahm

Abortion Activists Are Upset That Hurricane Harvey Didn’t Kill Enough Babies by Bre Payton

Big Abortion Strikes Out In Street Protests Against Pregnancy Help Centers by Jay Hobbs – “Seeking to ‘expose’ pregnancy centers that offer women the help they need during an unexpected pregnancy, all Lady Parts Justice League exposed was its own ignorance of the facts.”

Doctors have saved nearly 300 babies from abortion through abortion pill reversal by Laura Peredo


Sofia Vergara and the Fraudulent Science of “Pre-embryos” by Brooke Stanton – “Media repeat misleading, unscientific terminology implying that some human beings aren’t human beings.”

Minimally Conscious, not Minimally Human – Caring for the “Smallest” of Lives by Eric Metaxas – “What gives human life value? How we answer that question will determine who lives and who dies.”

If this is fatherhood, well, I’m a Dutchman by Michael Cook


Who Says? by Pastor Mark Jeske


Because There Can Never be Enough Suicide by Wesley J. Smith

Catholic Order Embraces Euthanasia In The Name Of Alleviating “Mental Suffering” by Maureen Mullarkey – “Euthanasia is on the rise in Belgium, and around the world, prompting a Catholic charity to terminate the sufferer in order to eradicate suffering.” 

Family Living

Money Thoughts


Video: These Are the Two Most Important Lessons a Dad Can Teach His Children by Paul Tripp

Fetal Development

Mother shares photo of daughter born at 21 weeks: My baby was not a “clump of cells” by Becky Yeh

Sexual Purity

Progressive Christians, you are “loving” people straight into damnation by Matt Walsh

Worldview and Culture

Christians Sign Statement of Christian Faith, Left Goes Nuts by Nate Jackson – “Christians aren’t supposed to believe what the Bible teaches but what social justice warriors demand.”

Pastors issue powerful statement against gay “marriage,” liberals are furious by Fr. Mark Hodges

What You Can Do to Support Religious Liberty by Amy K. Hall

Talk about Babies by Judie Brown

No, Insisting on Proper English Grammar and Spelling Is Not “Elitist” by Philip H. Devoe

Newsletter – Pastor Alan Ludwig – “In this newsletter, he writes about the new laws enacted in Russia which appear to restrict the exercise of religious freedom. Pastor Ludwig also provides some insight on its implications for the Lutheran Church. Pastor Ludwig is professor of theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. Pastor Ludwig has served in this capacity since 1998. His newsletters reveal a fascinating life as a Lutheran pastor living in Siberia.”

500 Years After Reformation, Many Protestants Closer to Catholics than Martin Luther by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra – “Pew finds less than half of Protestants in many countries believe both sola fide and sola scriptura.”

Satire: Progressive Evangelical Leaders Meet To Affirm Doctrine Of “Sola Feels”

Video: 2-Year-Old Greets Plane Passengers With Fist Bump