October 23, 2015


Planned Parenthood Fights Defunding Efforts by Kelly Bartlett

Retired abortionist: Killing a baby is like removing cancer cells by Dustin Siggins

Like Roaches, Abortionists Fear the Light by Bradley Mattes

Belfast pro-life center opens to counter abortion clinic

The Onion: “Planned Parenthood Has Enough Fetus Cash to Keep Going” by Erin Aitcheson

Family Living

Ice Cream, Alzheimer’s, and lessons learned about becoming a parent by Dave Andrusko

Family Structure Matters — Science Proves It by Bradford Wilcox

Are Young Women Enabling Young Male Stagnation? by Mona Charen

Why I’m Protecting My Baby And Myself From Screen Time by Emma Elliott Freire – “Smart phones, apps, and children’s television are becoming a parenting crutch. Studies show electronic devices can hurt young minds.


Opposing views:

NRLC Urges House to support pro-life reconciliation bill

House Leaders Devise Plan to Fund Planned Parenthood and Retreat from Obamacare Repeal by Erick Erickson

Worldview and Culture

Being loved for being, for existing, not for what we do or how we can be used by Dave Andrusko

Divorced gay couple now want their own kids with third man

Guide for the Misguided – A Clarifying Journey of Intervention, Detox & Recovery by Terrell Clemmons

Most child molesters “religious,” often target church members by Paula Schlueter Ross

“Stand Firm” conference urges moving into city “mission field” by Jeanine Tietz

Prostitots of Halloween by Erick Erickson

Public Prayer and the Result, “Woodlawn” by Jake MacAulay

This and That

So Many Wrong Reasons to Become a Pastor by Karl Vaters – “Do you want to be a pastor? Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Because the bad reasons outweigh the good ones. By a lot.”

After photo with TCU’s Boykin goes viral, young girl says “I’m famous” by Ryan Osborne and Lee Williams