November 26, 2012

Scripture for Today

Seeing Christ in Unexpected Places by Barbara Soroka

Model Lauren Scruggs Sees God’s ‘Beautiful’ Plan After Losing Eye, Hand in Airplane Accident by Katherine T. Phan

Redefining Marriage Sign of a Lost Society by Star Parker

Where is the Clergy When We Need Them? by Mark Baisley  

The Church & Violence Against Women by Dr. Russell D. Moore

U.S.-Russian Adoption Accord Enters Force – It is terrible that some adoptions have not gone well. But to constantly focus on these 19 cases, while igorning the thousands of successful adoptions, and the thousands of kids waiting to be adopted, is really tiresome (to be put very much mildly). Orphans are political pawns way too often.

Thanksgiving Reflection on the Puritans by Kate Hicks 

How to Deal with Holiday Family Tensions by Dr. Russell D. Moore

Love Draws Us Closer to God – A thought-provoking devotion from an Orthodox writer.

When You Do Not Go to Church by Rev. Paul McCain