March 4, 2016


Dear Donald Trump: No, Planned Parenthood doesn’t do “wonderful” things. Stop saying it does by Kristi Burton Brown

The Abortion Industry Survives by Endangering Women’s Lives by David French

Saving All Our American Idols by Maria Gallagher

Woman Dies After She Was Forced to Have Her 9th Abortion, Mother-in-Law Wanted a Grandson by Micaiah Bilger

She Once Wished She’d Aborted Her Son Because He’s Blind, Now She Celebrates His Life by Micaiah Bilger


Canada Declares War on Christian Doctors and Nurses by Wesley J. Smith

Family Living

Why We Don’t Talk About Miscarriage—And How To Start by Gracy Olmstead – “To accept abortion, we’ve had to divide personhood from the unborn. Yet in miscarriage, that false divide comes back to haunt us.”

This Incredible Family Gives Dying Babies a Loving Home in Their Final Days of Life by Conor Beck

Waking Up Weary by Jay Younts – “Parenting is challenging. It leaves you weary at the end of the day; weary not only because of the trials of the day just finished, but also because tomorrow is just a few hours away. You know that in the morning you will wake up weary.”


Men Begin Re-Establishing The Meaning Of Fatherhood by Melissa Langsam Braunstein – “As culture continues to make fun of men and fathers, a growing posse of men are beginning to set higher expectations for themselves.” 


How father wounds are changing politics by David Murrow

South Dakota’s Governor Tucks Tail And Runs From LGBT Mafia by Sheila Morabito – “Just like all the other GOP governors, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard has decided he’s too scared to protect vulnerable children.”

Worldview and Culture

The evangelical pulpit deserves much blame for this by Dr. Joel McDurmon

3 ways Christians can stand up to free-speech bullies who want to shut us up by Daniel Rodger

Keep Calm and Carry On – Christians in a Darkening Culture by Eric Metaxas – “Is the state of the culture freaking you out? Well, it doesn’t have to. Here’s some encouragement.”