March 27, 2012

Scripture for Today

Chuck Colson: How Will the Court Decide? – Arguments on Obamacare – “How will the Supreme Court decide the Obamacare case? And what will factor into their decision?”

Mike Adams: I Used to Love Her but I Had To Kill Her

“I tried to kill her”: Florida dad thanks his “lucky stars” abortion wasn’t legal in 1964

Nancy Flanders: She loves abortion, but hates adoption

Legislator Attacks Pro-Life Women as “Men With Breasts”

Planned Parenthood supporters mock abortion survivor

She went in for an abortion, and then the ultrasound showed quadruplets

Kelly Rosati: Children with Down Syndrome: Will Culture Make Them Disappear? – “Why we should see them as an endowment from God and not a mistaken diagnosis.”

Adriane Dorr: No Excuses

Robert R. Reilly: A Weimar moment for America – “Extending the privilege of marriage to homosexuals undermines its foundations.” A well-written article.

Slovenians reject gay adoption law

Parisian pro-lifers don clown garb and unite in massive “flashmob” against euthanasia

William Keenan: Dear Tony Blair: why are you creating an ex-Christian Britain? – An interesting read.

“October Baby” Makes Top 10

John Hanlon: Kirk Cameron: “I’ve Become Concerned About the World Our Kids Are Growing Up In”

Clare Cannon: I’ve lost my appetite for The Hunger Games (A video review of the hottest film since Twilight and Harry Potter.) What do you think? By the way, CPH is offering a Bible study for “The Hunger Games.”

Carla Barnhill: Are Secular Television Shows with Moral Messages Good for Christian Children? – “An author, the creator of ‘VeggieTales,’ and a professor weigh in.”

Video: Britain’s Got Talent Discovers Another Great Singer – The show that discovered Susan Boyle has done it again!

The Queen surprises wedding party – Just a nice story.