March 21, 2012

Scripture for Today

Chuck Colson: Whoville vs. Sparta – The Return of Infanticide – “‘A fetus is not truly human,’ say advocates of abortion. Well, according to two pro-choice ethicists, neither is a newborn baby.”

Pro-life, no exceptions: Chilean president pens powerful column defending pro-life convictions

Daniel Allott: The Fourth Trimester Abortion – “The anti-life crowd gives new life to arguments for infanticide.”

Kristi Burton Brown: I’m going to kill our baby: a father’s worst nightmare

Texas hospital starving patient against family wishes

Emily Belz: Postmortem conception – The high court hears a complex case on whether twins conceived artificially after their father’s death count as his children.

Adult Stem Cells Create New Blood Vessels for Heart Issue

Embryonic stem cells getting another shot

Planned Parenthood speaker: Good parents let teens have sex at home

Obama refuted by CDC report on contraception

Pro-life leaders praise “October Baby”: Movie opens in U.S. theatres Friday

Human Meat – The photo at this link is gross, but not as gross as the horrible pictures of aborted fetuses it reminded me of. I wonder how these same activists feel about abortion?

Russian conglomerate to boycott British goods over crosses at work ban – “Workers at a large Russian company are to boycott British goods over the UK Government’s support for businesses that ban Christians from openly wearing crosses or crucifixes at work.”