June 15, 2018


The Silent Suffering of Fathers After Abortion by Victoria Robinson

Teacher Under Fire for Showing Pro-Life Video of How Babies are Killed in Abortions by Steven Ertelt

Cecile Richards: Killing Babies in Abortions is “Safer Than Tylenol and Viagra” by Micaiah Bilger

The Magical Birth Canal by Tim Barnett

Video (Facebook): Planned Parenthood covers up child sexual abuse by Live Action 


Limited palliative care is forcing patients to chose assisted suicide, say Quebec doctors

A Plague of Suicide, A World of Alienation by Casey Chalk – “As the rate of self-killing spikes, it’s time to rediscover those local bonds that we lost so long ago.”

Philosophical Trends in Our Suicidal Culture by Caroline C. Lewis – “The suicide rate is up and life expectancy is down. What are the broader causes?”

Why You Need an Advance Directive by Amy K. Hall


Father’s Day Reflections From A Latchkey Kid by Jay Sanders

Dads are dispensable: 5 myths about fathers and families by W. Bradford Wilcox – “A more representative Father’s Day snapshot.”

My father taught me what love is. Now it is time to love him back by Ida Gazzola – “A stroke brings new lessons in its wake.”


In Ireland, What’s Legal Is Now Mandatory by Michael Brendan Dougherty – “The legalization of abortion in Ireland sparks a debate about conscience.”

Sexual Purity

STDs Are on the Rise in the U.K., and Sex Education There Isn’t Helping by Madeline Kearns – “The elephant in the room is hook-up culture.”

Worldview and Culture

Tiny Two-Month-Old Boy Rescued After Being Abandoned Between Two Tombs by Micaiah Bilger

ACLU Gives Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards a Lifetime Achievement Award by Lauretta Brown