July 6, 2015


Why pro-lifers baffle pro-abortionists by Dave Andrusko
Should This Beautiful Girl Have Been Aborted Just Because She Has Down Syndrome? by Steven Ertelt
The beauty of unborn life, the ugliness of abortion, and the shock of recognition by Dave Andrusko


Audio: Human Exceptionalism – “Fr. Barnabas Powell welcomes bioethicist Wesley J. Smith to talk about the uniqueness of human beings and the societal trend the more an more devalues that uniqueness.” Wesley J. Smith has been a frequent speaker at Lutherans For Life National Conferences.

Crisis Pregnancy

The situation is the “crisis,” not the pregnancy by Texas Right to Life

Family Living

God Never Promises the Obvious by Brian Rhodes – “I hate to admit it, but years ago I loathed Father’s Day more than any other holiday.”

Newborn Baby Was Declared Dead for Almost 10 Minutes, Then She Came Back to Life by Sarah Zagorski

Worldview and Culture

Statements on Supreme Court Ruling and Marriage from LFL and Additional Commentary (updated)

Are Homosexual Unions Valid? by Jake MacAulay

The Comment Pulpit – Supreme Court by Marvin Olasky

Why America Is No Longer Free by Jack from Manhattan

Sex & the Kingdom of the Self by Rod Dreher

Pro-Abortion Web Site Huffington Post Lists “270 Reasons Not to Have Children” by Sarah Stites