August 25, 2017


Iceland “Close to Eradicating Down Syndrome Births” – They’re Killing, Not Curing by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “One Scandinavian country’s treatment of the vulnerable is a barometer for where the rest of the world is headed.”

Wales approves genetic screening for babies with Down syndrome


The Wonder of Our Perfect Eclipses by Amy K. Hall

Family Living

Leading Cause of Death? by Rev. Robert Fleischmann

Fetal Development

Artificially Born by Rev. Robert Fleischmann


We Need To Learn To Sing Together Again, And Not Just At Green Day Concerts by Cheryl Magness – “It seems so obvious that it should hardly need to be argued: if we don’t teach our children to sing together, they won’t grow up with the ability to do so.”

Worldview and Culture

Racism Is Antithetical to Christianity by Melinda Penner

Reasoning with Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Reason by Melinda Penner

No, It’s Not The Onion: Pregnancy Center Attacked For Candle That “Smells Like A Baby” by Jay Hobbs – “That’s right, ‘Candlegate’ is upon us. Run for your lives.”