April 27, 2017


Planned Parenthood exec caught on tape: I think selling baby parts is “a great idea” by Claire Chretien

Body Part Sellers Are in Big Trouble by Bradley Mattes

Planned Parenthood’s Organs-For-Lamborghinis Exec Busted Again Trying To Sell Baby Body Parts by Bre Payton

Christian Abortion Supporters – Preaching A Gospel of Death by John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris – “Can you claim to be ‘born-again’ when you won’t allow others to be born in the first place? Here’s how abortion strikes at the heart of the Christian faith.”

Abortion activists launch website “helping” women do DIY abortions

After the Abortion

Every Church Is Home To Those Impacted By Abortion by Kim Ketola


“Baptizing your child will hinder adoption chances” says social worker

Inspired by Own Family, Kentucky Gov. Tackles Foster System by Adam Beam


Refusing to Believe Early Progressives Loved Eugenics Will Not Erase the Horrible Truth by Kyle Sammin – “Eugenics was not a fringe theory. It was taught without controversy in colleges and high schools across the country and a consensus of scientists attested to its validity.”


US university sells morning-after pill in vending machine


Indispensable by Rev. Ken Klaus

Stop Saying “Going Forward” by Billy Brath


Euthanasia rate soars in the Netherlands

Family Living

Second Lady Karen Pence Opens Up About Her Struggles with Infertility by Melissa Langsam – “I didn’t care about fame or fortune, big house, fancy career, nice car—none of that has ever been important to me. I just wanted to be a mom.”

Fearful no longer: Parents keep twins with Down syndrome after adoptive parents back out by Nancy Flanders

Fetal Development

Seeing ultrasound of son makes pro-choice man “think again” bySarah Terzo

Scientists: Study that kept lambs alive in artificial wombs may benefit premature babies


Trump Selling Out Religious Conservatives? by Rod Dreher

Will GOP Fund Planned Parenthood But Not Border Wall? by Terence P. Jeffrey

Trinity Lutheran before the Supreme Court – Uses Tires, Playgrounds, and Religious Discrimination by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera – “Okay, so government cannot ‘establish religion.’ We get that. But can it discriminate against religion? We’ll find out.”

Worldview and Culture

Video: Love Needs an Education by Greg Koukl – “Greg offers thoughts on what true, biblical love is versus the kind of love that simply makes people feel good.”

Liberalism in a Lab Coat – The March to Redefine Science by Eric Metaxas & G. Shane Morris – “It seems every weekend brings a march for one cause or another in D.C. Last weekend, folks marched for science. Or did they?”

Science vs. Science™! by Ben Shapiro

If kids can’t cross streets safely, why do we offer them sex changes? by Michael Cook – “Decisions about sexuality require maturity that children do not have”

If You Think Breastfeeding Is Natural, You’re Now a Transphobe by Georgi Boorman – “A mother nursing her child is the strongest image of biological connection between a parent and offspring outside the womb. As such, it must be destroyed.”

Serena Williams To Her Unborn Baby: “You Gave Me Strength I Didn’t Know I Had” by Bre Payton


I was sad and concerned to read the following that was posted on Facebook today. KNGN Radio was an important part of my life as I was General Manager from 1992-1997. I hope and pray this situation will improve soon.

“KNGN has had to liquidate our reserve assets to cover expenses. With this liquidation, KNGN has, at best, 3 months of operational funds left, after which, KNGN will have to shut its doors and cease broadcasting. If you value Lutheran radio programming, if you value the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus Crucified for sinners, then we implore your aid. Without your financial contribution, KNGN cannot survive, and the world’s only independent full powered LCMS radio station will cease to exist.

“Send your donations to 38005 Road 717, McCook, NE 69001, or visit www.kngn.org and click on the ‘Donate to KNGN’ button. Help us stay on the air!”