February 14, 2011

The following prayer of the Church was offered at the Lutherans For Life of Australia convention service, an October 13, 2002. (Use freely, edit as necessary.)

Merciful God, thank you that you are near. Help us in this time of prayer to put our worries aside and, with thanksgiving, let us offer our requests to you. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord God, our Heavenly Father, You are the living God. You are the life‑giving God. We praise and thank You for the gift of life. Help us learn to value the lives of all people, however old or young. You have given us health and strength, and many abilities and opportunities to live life to the full. Be with all whose health is poor, and encourage those whose abilities and opportunities are limited. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

We thank You for raising up Lutherans For Life, alongside other groups which You have called to inform, guide, teach and inspire us as we seek to live lives that please You. Thank you for the way you have blessed LFL over the years, and enabled us to serve our Church and nation, with the gifts you have given us. Thank you for our convention thus far. Help all who have attended to share the insights they have learned, and help us all to understand, and promote, the sanctity of life, in love for You and for all. Bless the national [board of directors, staff, state federations, local chapters, Life Teams, and Life Ministry Coordinators] of LFL. Sustain us, and supply all out needs, according to Your will and love. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Gracious Lord, where the minds of people have been clouded by the deceptions of self, the world and the devil, bring clarity and truth. Where people feel unloved and alone, locked into desperate situation, assure them of your love, and show them the path you want them to follow. We all need people who care for us. Bless and support carers everywhere, and help us also to be people who care. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Have mercy on our world, dear Father. Bring peace where there is strife. Supply the needs of the poor, the sick, the bereaved, and all who are disregarded by our society. Help refugees and homeless people everywhere to find safety in a place they can call home. Shelter them, and all people, from the evils of violence and terror. Sustain us with confidence in Your unfailing love. Guide the leaders of nations and communities. Help us appreciate the many blessings You give us, and help us never to grow weary in well‑doing. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

[Special prayers … ending with: Lord in you mercy: hear our prayer.]

Father, you have chosen us to receive the peace that only you can give. Guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jests, and hear the prayers we offer in his name. Amen.