April 26, 2018

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are” (1 John 3:1 ESV).

Mother’s Day will soon be here! For most Christians, this is a happy day in the Lord often observed with close family. Indeed, both the joys of motherhood and being an offspring are celebrated to the glory of God! (This is not to overlook those who are struggling with infertility or other issues on this day.)

But for one young lady a few years ago, the chance to celebrate Mother’s Day almost didn’t happen—and only did because of Lutherans For Life.

Please let me explain. 

It was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. It was being observed in January in a Lutheran church in a western state. One of the board members of the local Lutherans For Life (LFL) chapter was asked by the pastor to say a few words at the end of the service. Her remarks, by design, were brief: how life begins at conception through our Creator; how God knew, formed, and knit us together in our mother’s womb; and so on. Also shared was how God intends for babies to be born, and how only at a time of His choosing will they pass into His care—hopefully many years later.

She also mentioned that because of an often-made decision to intercede and end life prematurely through abortion, hundreds of babies’ lives are taken violently and unnaturally each day (over 3,000 every day in the United States).

Although our LFL volunteer member didn’t know it at the time, a struggling young woman in the back was hanging onto her every word.

Why? Because she was pregnant and unmarried. I’ll let our chapter leader tell you what happened next.

“Then one Sunday, later on, a young lady came up behind me and handed me a baby and said, ‘Hi, I heard your talk nine months ago. At that time, I was planning on having an abortion, but after hearing what you had to say, I didn’t.’”

You can imagine how the LFL speaker felt. “It warmed my heart,” she said excitedly! “Sometimes when I speak, I think nobody’s listening and I’m talking to the wall. And then this happened. It shows our work matters!”

Some folks would say this story is a miracle. It is also by no means an isolated event.

Indeed, since it was founded almost 40 years ago, many stories (probably hundreds!) have been shared anecdotally where Lutherans For Life, with the guidance and intervention of the Holy Spirit, has saved lives. Praise the Lord and may His will be done always!

Now, this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for you and other dedicated friends. That’s because over 95% of our funding comes from individual donations and offerings. The fact is, we receive no subsidies, insurance reimbursement, tuition, fees, etc. Only your gifts and offerings support this Gospel-centered, full-time, life-affirming ministry in the Lutheran church.

We must also report that both the work of LFL and funding to support it have never been more crucial. Here’s why: There is a frightening anecdotal statistic which tells us we still have a lot of work to do. From conversations with LFL board members, staff, volunteers, and hundreds of church workers, we estimate that about 20%-25% of women in pro-life Lutheran synods and associations have had or will have an abortion. That boils down to hundreds—if not thousands—of lives and souls being in jeopardy in the church right now.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With your help, Lutherans For Life can continue—and expand—its witness so there are more success stories like the one shared by our LFL volunteer in the west.

Because you care, more young ladies, like the then-expectant mother whose story I shared, will be able to celebrate instead of grieve on future Mother’s Days. To God will be the glory!         

Can we count on you for a special financial gift at this time?

May we extend our best wishes to you and yours as you observe Mother’s Day and the blessing of mothers (and fathers!) and children in Jesus Christ each and every day.

In His Service,

John Hawkins
Director of Stewardship

Donor_Perfect_click_give_box_blueP.S. Like the expectant mother discussed above who decided against an abortion thanks to God and the work of Lutherans For Life, your donation can help us and the Holy Spirit save many more lives and souls. Please donate today.