December 7, 2023

Long-time LFL supporter Lois Brauer recently wrote to Lutherans For Life with a story and prayer request. With her permission, we are sharing it with you as a testament to celebrating the sanctity of neighbors’ lives.

From Lois:

I am sharing a story and asking for prayer for God’s blessings and success on a mission of my grandson, Daniel.

During the Desert Storm, Daniel’s mom (my oldest daughter, Janice) taught and encouraged her five children and her Sunday school class to write notes and letters and to create drawings to send to service personnel from a list her church and a local newspaper provided. They all had fun communicating, and the service people especially loved the kids’ drawings. After the war, a knock on the front door of my daughter’s home brought young Daniel to answer the knock. Standing in front of him stood a USAF airman in his dress blues with ribbons, etc. He had driven six hours from another state to visit and thank them for the letters. In addition, local servicemen also stopped by and expressed their gratitude and thanks. Daniel has never forgotten that knock on the door. He grew up to serve with the US Army. He has a very tender and special place in his heart for veterans.

When he heard of the USS Eisenhower being deployed to the Persian Gulf, he came up with a challenge for the church he attends. He challenged them to write letters, send cards or notes, and include a small token or gift to the 5,000 personnel on the USS Eisenhower for Christmas. This is indeed a huge challenge because his church has a membership of around 300. Daniel presented the challenge to the congregation around Veterans Day. One of the members of his church, a mom with four children and husband, will be numbered with those 5,000. She and the others will be away from their families and homes during the holidays. If any of you were in the military or had a loved one serve, you know how this feels. My family experienced it.

When I watched (online) as my grandson and the mother of the young woman made their presentations to their church, my heart was touched. How can 300 members possibly do this incredible deed? I offered to help, so Daniel’s parents and siblings, my children, and guests in my home on Thanksgiving wrote notes in Christmas cards, and God is working through schools in Michigan and near me. I have no idea how many hand-written notes have been sent or how many gifts have been purchased or donated.

I am sharing this as I would like you to join me in prayer for God’s blessings on this challenge. Today, I contacted Daniel to see how things are coming along. They are contacting corporations for assistance and taking steps to see if the National Guard can transport the boxes of letters and gifts to a naval base. Pray God shows again how He makes miracles from small numbers and beginnings. I know He can. Pray that He blesses the written messages to go to the right people and that their lives may be blessed through this outreach.

I also encourage prayer for the captain and crew of the ship, for God to provide wisdom and guidance and safety for all aboard.

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your prayers. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of this “challenge.”

A note from Lois: While it is too late to send cards, letters, and gifts, donations can still be given to purchase gifts for the sailors. If you wish to donate, go here to give online and put “Ike” or “Eisenhower” in the notes.