Ruthfred Free Lutheran Church
3401 S. Park Rd.
Bethel Park (Pittsburgh), PA 15102

Rev. Scott Licht, Executive National Director of LFL
Title: “Invisible to Indispensable”
Overview: God doesn’t make spare parts. He has a vocation for ALL people regardless of their age, stage, ability, or life experience. Let’s look together at how indispensable everyone is, including those who may be “invisible” within our church and society at large.

Pastor Michael Salemink, Mission & Ministry Executive Director of LFL
Title: “The Least of These: Examining the Ethics of Embryo Experimentation”
Overview: Learn to understand stem cell research, in vitro fertilization (and other assistive reproductive technologies), germ-line genetic editing, mitochondrial replacement therapy (three-parent embryos), ectogenesis (artificial wombs), vaccine production, and human cloning. We’ll consider what makes an embryo a member of the human race and reflect on how these biomedical technologies offer opportunities for confessing how Christ’s divine love treasures every human being.

Kristi Hofferber, Social worker and member of our LFL Board of Directors
Title: “Conceived in Rape and Incest, Blessed by Adoption, Born with Purpose!”
Overview: Kristi is a pro-life and adoption advocate who shares a message about the value of ALL lives. She speaks about how the gift of adoption saved her life and brought tremendous joy to her adoptive family, as well as her experience of learning just over a decade ago about her own traumatic conception.

Rev. Dr. Wade Mobley, President of the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary
Title: “Cultivating Life in a Culture of Death: What a Global Pandemic Taught Us about Life, Death, and the Inescapable Realities around Us”
Overview: Cultivating our culture rather than castigating or capitulating. Tending our own plot, we have weeds—Pharisees who celebrate their own “righteousness.” It’s our job to address our lack thereof and turn to Christ for our remedy. We need to plant and tend the seeds, the miracle of life and growth. And we wait patiently for the harvest. Make abortion unthinkable. It became thinkable while illegal–legislation alone cannot be our aim. Bear fruit in due season and the necessity of investing in the single soul.