2020 Orlando LFL Regional Conference Bulletin Insert
2020 Orlando LFL Regional Conference Poster

YouTube Live Stream Link – Note: We plan to offer live streaming of the conference at no charge. Please bear with us as we work through any technical issues.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
1515 S. Semoran Blvd
Orlando, FL 32807

Rev. Terry Forke, President Montana District LCMS, Pastor of Trinity, Harlowton, Montana; and St. Paul, Roundup, Montana
Title: ”The Free Exercise of Religion … In the Public Square”
Overview: Using his experience of speaking publicly against both state and local non-discrimination ordinances, Pastor Forke will discuss ways that Christians can use their vocation as citizens to live their faith in a very public way.

Mona Fuerstenau
Title: “So Often Marginalized, Yet Indispensable!”
Overview: Looking into 1 Corinthians 12 through the lens of disability. Exploring the place of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Body of Christ. Finding similarities in the experience of others marginalized by difference. Becoming a place of belonging. Practical tools and resources will be shared to support people and families in your congregations.

Pastor Michael Salemink, Executive Director of Mission & Ministry of LFL
Title: “The Least of These: Examining the Ethics of Embryo Experimentation”
Overview: Learn to understand stem cell research, in vitro fertilization (and other assistive reproductive technologies), germ-line genetic editing, mitochondrial replacement therapy (three-parent embryos), ectogenesis (artificial wombs), vaccine production, and human cloning. We’ll consider what makes an embryo a member of the human race and reflect on how these biomedical technologies offer opportunities for confessing how Christ’s divine love treasures every human being.

Rev. Mark Chavez, General secretary, North American Lutheran Church
Title: “Abundant Blessings in Dying and Death”
Overview: The Scripture theme is Job 12:10 – “In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” The demand for elective abortion and physician assisted suicide is the idolatrous assertion that life rests in human hands, not God’s. It is one of the most tragic symptoms of our sinful human rebellion against the living God. It alienates us from God and from each other. Furthermore, these forms of murder rob us of the abundant blessings God desires to shower upon us. The killing of the unborn child obviously cuts off divine blessings, but so does the killing of the sick and the dying. This presentation will focus on the abundant blessings our Heavenly Father showered upon his child, Jocelyn Chavez, over the course of her long terminal illness. The blessings poured out upon her, her family, the body of Christ, and even strangers.