April 26, 2022

Karen Borchers graduated from Iowa State University (ISU) with a degree in business. She has worked with her husband to run a farming operation and a meat market. She led Census 2000 for NW IA. She was the executive director of the Ecumenical Institute of Clinical Pastoral Education for NW IA, overseeing all operations and engaging in three units personally. She is a lifelong Lutheran and helped start a new church locally. Her theme in life is “growing things.” From meeting her husband Mark at ISU when a mutual church friend said Mark needed a “partner” for cards, they have been married 40 years. God blessed their union with four kids and then 14 grandkids. She loves seeing the miracle of God’s creation in flowers. She has supported ultrasound machines as a way to support life in the womb. She looks forward to growing commitments to life from conception to natural death.