June 1, 2020

Hilary Haak is blessed to have the best vocation in the world: Mom. Nathan and Hilary are blessed with three children: Adelin, Lydia, and Elijah. Adelin Jean was born to Nathan and Hilary on February 11, 2018. Before Adelin, Hilary served as mission and ministry director of Lutherans For Life. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Concordia University, Nebraska, in 2014. While at Concordia, Hilary founded a life-affirming student organization called Bulldogs For the Unborn, now Bulldogs For Life, and served as its president until she graduated. Before joining the national staff of Lutherans For Life, Hilary worked as an admissions assistant at a classical Lutheran school in Houston, Texas, and as a full-time nanny for a family in St. Louis, Missouri. The Haak family currently live in Houston, Texas, and attend Memorial Lutheran Church—and are looking forward to having more children, Lord willing.